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The role of music in games

Music in games is really good for the gaming experience if it’s done right. But where to start?

If I asked you to sing a tune from a game, which one would you choose? Super Mario Bros? Zelda? Even novice gamers would probably remember something (probably Tetris).

I think you would do well because music in games plays a very important role and helps the narrative. Mobile games are no exception. A good tune has a positive effect on the user experience, sets the mood, and makes it unforgettable. Let’s take a look at a couple of games in which music has played an important role.


Is a great example of using music in the game. The dialogues in this game are one of the key elements in the development of the story, so the developers made sure that the music plays throughout the story without ever being distracting. Also, the music changes as the story progresses at first, when the adventure first begins, it sounds optimistic, becoming increasingly tense as the player becomes immersed in a more and more somber environment.

Life is Strange

Also relies on a balance of music and dialogue-the score helps convey the unsettling otherworldly nature of the time travel scenes to keep the player hooked.
These two examples show just how important music is to immersing the player in the gameplay. But where to start? Don’t worry – follow our instructions to figure out how to use music to make your game awesome and good.