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About music in computer games

Friends, let me tell you about my hobby: collecting music from games.

I’ve been doing it for about 20 years, since college.

To my surprise people don’t pay much attention to the sound accompaniment in the games, but in this time the quality of music has grown a lot.

Real symphonic composers and talented musicians are being hired.

Many times I’ve experienced real excitement with the compositions.

For example, such as:

  • The epic track from Morrowind on the splash screen at the beginning of the game – “…many have fallen, but one has remained” and you think wow you’re cool! that’s me!);
  • The most beautiful track of the second Gothic, when you just come out of the tower of Xardas and it’s just a balm for your ears… From the first second dubbed this composition the German “Enigma” ;
  • Or the gorgeous track from 4 heroes – the sea theme, which is amazingly beautiful.

When passing Eleks – could not understand – like a descendant of Gothic, why such lame music? Then I read that for lack of money, the director of the game himself wrote the music)… well, well done, at least so that. Although I’m sure that without Kai Rosenkrantz the second Elex won’t “shoot”.

Music is extremely important for atmosphere, for drama.

I remember in Falout 2 in the town of Redding the cheerful melody from the slot machines turned into a gloomy, oppressive and heavy one, which emphasized the contrast between the carefree past and the monstrous present. Approximately the same feeling experienced in the fourth part of Falout, when you wander in power armor (almost a spacesuit) in the location “shining sea”, around a hellish radiation, green glowing lakes, the ruins of schools, gas stations, factories, horrible mutants. And on the radio cheerfully plays American hits of the 40s-60s, symbolizing the prosperity of the United States. You look around with this music and think: “Yura, we fucked it all up!

I was captivated by the composition from Skyrim “far horizons”, when the storyline has you climbing to the top of the throat of the world to learn from the head of the saddlebearers, and there you meet, pardon the spoiler, one of your enemies – a dragon.

Shocked by this turn of events, you stand admiring the views of the mountains and the world around you, the dragon tells you the secrets of creation and teaches you the dragon’s words of power. And all to this gorgeous composition. The first time I walked through it, my jaw dropped at this kind of babble.

It’s common now to berate Todd Howard, but he and Jeremy Saul will have my gratitude for the rest of my life.

Time passes, favorite games are passed 20 times, played to the holes. All that remains is the music. Sometimes you remember some track, feel nostalgic, think you should replay it, put the game on, and you don’t want to play it anymore, but you can listen to the tracks and remember the epic moments.

I propose, from my point of view, one good song. If it will be interesting, I’ll try to write about the others.

Allods Online

An interesting project – on American money ours did a clone of Warcraft online with Russian flavor.

Briefly about the game – two opposing factions – one embodies the Russian fairy tales, the other the Soviet era.

At the time I had nothing to play, was looking for some good rpg. A friend invited the two of us to play it on the Internet.

For the League passed the first training island, came to town, I started running on the quests here and there, and suddenly stopped, I look – around the forest, birches, perches in the river (lake), cool character (three little bears) and before me a whole new world … And the music is so soulful, eh… It’s beautiful!

That’s when I realized I had found what I was looking for. Even though I don’t like MMORPGs, this game was awesome.