Cody the Guitarist

In addition to his work as a bassist, Cody Wright's guitar playing seamlessly melds every influence imaginable into a unique style that can only be experienced to be described. For fans of blues/rock guitar, jazz guitar, and instrumental music.




“It’s not often that I run across a musician like Cody. His charming personality and virtuosity on both bass and guitar should serve him well. I look forward to watching his career blossom. Cody is becoming a world class musician of the highest order!”  ~ Grammy winning guitarist Al Petteway


When Cody Wright first got his hands on a guitar, he initially turned to hard rock and metal for inspiration, traveling down the crossroads of the blues before moving on to fusion, jazz, and acoustic music. Technical excellence was always an aspiration of Wright's, along with melodies found early on in video games and television shows.

Cody's electric guitar playing draws from influences ranging from rock and metal players such as Shawn Lane and Nuno Bettencourt to bluesmen such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Scott Henderson, to jazz and experimental artists like Stanley Jordan and Regi Wooten.


Click HERE to listen to a sample of Cody's electric and acoustic blues guitar playing.

Cody's acoustic guitar playing adds a touch of clarity, melody and finnese inspired by Tommy Emmanuel, Bireli Lagrene and Wes Montgomery.

HERE to hear Cody's acoustic composition "Keeper of the Rabbits."

Click HERE for a sample of Cody's 
jazz/rock/fusion guitar playing.


Cody is available for guitar lessons and session work in styles ranging from Reggae, blues and jazz rhythm guitar, right-hand pick techniques, rock and metal lead and rhythm guitar, and musical approach. Check out the LESSONS page for more information.