Cody's Gear

Zon Sonus Special 4. Bubinga/Ash.
Pickups: Bartolini Custom Design
Preamp: Zon Custom Design, 3 band active 9v.

ZON Mosaic Mojo 4 (USA)

PICKUPS: Bartolini Single Coils (Passive)
Maple neck.

(Cody also owns an assortment of vintage style Fender basses but officially endorses ZON.)

MESA/BOOGIE Subway heads (D-800, D-800+)

MESA/BOOGIE Subway 1x15 cabinets (2)

Cody's pedalboard is as follows:

TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper
TC Electronic Polytune Mini
TC Electronic Helix Phaser "CODY WRIGHT signature Toneprint"
TC Electronic SUB N UP Octave "CODY WRIGHT signature Toneprint"

MXR Phase 95
EBS BASSIQ Envelope Filter
EBS DynaVerb
EBS UniChorus

Cody uses Dunlop signature .88 picks & GRUV GEAR Wild Fret Wraps.

Check out the "ENDORSEMENTS" page for more info!